I started this blog specifically to respond to challenges and to post items that don’t quite fit into my other blogs.  I don’t want to spam my followers on those blogs.

As the blog title indicates, you can expect that this blog may be more prolific than the others.  So, I won’t be offended if you don’t follow, but please still leave a comment or a like if there is something that appeals to you.

If I know who you are, this also allows me the opportunity to visit your site and get to know you a little better.

Please feel free to check out my other blogs:

paddastoel.wordpress.com focusses specifically on working moms and women in general.  As such, the topics usually feature themes like finances, employment / unemployment, feminism and politics.

kleinkabouter.wordpress.com is my parenting blog with some of the experimental ideas that I am trying out, especially in the areas of learning and development.

erdwurm.wordpress.com is my environmental blog.

Test-site 1 and test-site 2 focus specifically on the concerns on the small to medium business owner and addresses issues such as economics, the legislative environment and governance issues (including internal control).  It currently serves as the electronic platform for my business-to-business consulting firm.

Thank you for visiting!


2 thoughts on “About

    • Hallo again 🙂

      I feel honoured and I have not forgotten. I just need some time to do this award justice. I will try to get to it over the weekend and send you a ping back! 🙂


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