Frequently Asked Questions: I Don’t Understand What I Need To Do For Today’s Assignment on Day 4

Well, everyone is free to interpret the assignment in the way that they wish.

If you are asking what the assignment was intended to mean, well, you are supposed to write to ONE specific person. Not a general phantom out there somewhere. You don’t have to actually know him or her, it should just be someone specific.

Here are some examples:

  • The President of Egypt;
  • The Editor of the New York Times;
  • Your mother / father / sister / brother / aunt / uncle;
  • Your best friend;
  • Your arch enemy.

Although it is one of the options, you don’t need to necessarily write a letter to this person.

It can be a poem, a piece of fiction, an opinion piece, an instructional piece, an interview or a personal essay (or pretty much any other form of writing you can think of). It doesn’t even have to be writing, it can be a photo!

Actually, the arch enemy is fun because you can be really sarcastic… Try that one with either an opinion or an instructional piece! 😉

The reason for doing this assignment the way that it was originally intended, is that is is meant to challenge you to do something different as a writer and stretch yourself a bit.

If you just write a general letter to everyone reading, saying how you hope that they are all going to turn into followers, how is that really any different from your introductory post?

When you write to one specific person, a couple of things tend to happen naturally. You stop over-explaining yourself being the one I think is probably the most crucial.

You see, when you are writing for a large audience, you have to consider the law of averages. You may include a lot of information that will bore more informed readers, so that those less familiar with the topic are able to follow. When you are writing for someone specific, you know their level of competency with regards to the specific subject matter, so you are less likely to try to impress too much or “talk down”.

Writing to one specific person also makes it more likely that you will be more personal, more open, more honest and even raw…

It can be really difficult to publish your first truly reflective essay (trust me, it took me months) and this is a great technique to help you achieve that.

So, I can’t tell you what to do, but at some point, even if it is after Blogging U is done and even if you decide not to publish it for public perusal, I still urge you to try it the way it was meant to be done!


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