Frequently Asked Questions Redux

This is just a quick post which will be expanded as time goes by. Because I am lazy and because a lot of people need help with the same thing 🙂

A little disclaimer: I am a participant, not a staff member 😉

How do I add a topic to my Reader?

Adding a new topic to your Reader

Adding a new topic to your Reader

When you enter into your browser, you will see this page, provided you are signed into your account. You can enter a topic into your reader, for example Blogging101, or Business and then you click on the “Plus” button. You can now click on the blue links below to view posts from other bloggers that they have tagged with that word or term.

You can also create lists to make it easier for you to organize your Reader.

What are widgets?

Widgets are small pieces of code that allow you to do nifty things without much effort – for example, add a photo to your sidebar, allow people to follow you via e-mail, or link to your Gravatar profile.

How do I add a widget?

Where to find the widget menu

Where to find the widget menu

Choose the widget menu and then drag-and-drop the widgets you want into one of the widget areas. Different themes have different widget areas.

Where can I find the Customize menu?

Where to find the customize menu

Where to find the customize menu

Where do I change my title and tagline?

Where do I change my title and tagline

Where do I change my title and tagline

Go to the Customize menu. Then select site title.

My tagline is not showing up! Why?

First, check that the Display Header Text box is ticked in your Site Title menu.

However, some themes do not display your tagline.

If my tagline isn’t going to show, should I change my theme?

That is up to you, but I would not recommend changing from a theme that you love for something as small. Your tagline will still be visible to search engines and will benefit you for SEO purposes.

What is SEO?

It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, how easy it is for search engines like Google to find you and where your site will be ranked in their search results.


3 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions Redux

  1. thank you for sending me link in answer to my discouraged post. I appreciate it. I added a topic of Blogging 101 and found assignments! Seems disorganized still though, as you have to scroll through all of them to find the assignments for a given day? Probably still missing something.


    • Not quite.
      The Commons is a bit chaotic for everyone when they first see it, so don’t worry!
      If you go to the top of the Blogging U page (, you will see a white block that says “Hi, Izzy! What’s happening?”
      If you type in here and then click “Post” it will show up on the Commons.
      When you feel ready, you can follow the instructions here, to simply copy an URL (web address) from your own blog onto the Commons (by pasting it into the white block, with a description).
      You don’t have to scroll all the way down to see assignments. By now, that “page” is many thousands of posts long and you will probably need 30 mins to get to the bottom without reading a word! That first page is to ask for help, or feedback on your assignments (you need to post a link to your blog or assignment when asking for feedback).
      You are technically SUPPOSED to find a list of all the assignments when you click on the link at the top of the page that says “Assignments”. However, many people are mis-categorizing their posts and this is causing a real mess!
      So, on the right hand side, close to the top of the page (but not at the very top), there is a white square on the right that is called “Assignments”. You can click on each assignment to view it. Assignments that have not yet been issued, will be black and you won’t be able to click on them.

      From your question here, I assume that you added Blogging 101 as a topic to your Reader. You can read some of the posts other people wrote for Blogging 101, but don’t even try to read all of them. There are simply too many! 🙂

      Happy blogging!


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