So, for today’s Blogging 201 challenge, we are supposed to analyse our statistics.

You can find the challenge here:

(Hereby reminding myself to create useful Ping Backs…)

Contrary to the title I chose, I realize that statistics are an incredibly valuable and useful tool.  This particular exercise is just not always so much fun to do!

Although we have been encouraged to put lay-out issues aside and focus on content for the moment, I am going to be using some of the design elements (inserting media, etc.) we have discussed over at the Commons for Blogging 201 Branding and Growth.

In keeping with yesterday, I am going to be evaluating my statistics against my goals from the first challenge.

So please, go ahead and click on the “Read More” button!

Speaking of “Read More” tags, I have specifically been having an issue in my stats where I see that my home pages / archives draw the most views.  Since my posts were posted in their entirety on my home page, that makes quite a bit of sense.  However, it is not in the least useful for analytics.  So I am going to be adding “Read More” tags to all my posts in the future.

This is not applicable to my flagship blog, Paddastoel, since I use the spun theme and you do need to click on the post title on the home page.  That is one of the reasons why I chose that particular lay-out.  You can view it here:

1. Split testing on my sites:

Since I run four main blogs and this challenge site, I have some additional data available for split-testing, especially as it relates to the themes of my content.

So let’s dive straight into it:

Paddastoel Stats is primarily focussed at working moms.  It deals with personal finances and political issues of concern to women.

For the moment, I am just comparing the effect of particular topics, so I will only be looking at the October statistics.

Klein Kabouter Stats primarily deals with parenting issues.  However, it does not deal so much with the personal aspect of it, so we can actually say that the site is more about focussed learning for babies and toddlers.

Compared to the 81 visitors for October for Paddastoel, Klein Kabouter received 26.

However, this does not automatically mean that a parenting-focussed blog is necessarily less popular than a finance and political blog.

Some other items to consider:

  • My username refers to my flagship site, which is Paddastoel.
  • I have been promoting Paddastoel slightly longer (since last month – August does not count because I did no promotion and only added one post).
  • Paddastoel features more posts.

Klein Kabouter features three shorter posts, while Paddastoel features six much more lengthy posts.

There is not much more you can tell from looking at the total stats feature, so I will get back to this issue by comparing stats for specific posts from each site.

Erdwurm Stats is my environmental blog.  So, either the low traffic can be attributed to the fact that no one cares about the environment, or the following may play a role:

  • Erdwurm currently features two posts.
  • I only changed my theme to something brighter yesterday for the Audit Your Brand challenge.
  • I have not been promoting Erdwurm as aggressively.  Klein Kabouter, for example, was the main feature in my “Choosing Your Theme” post over at the Commons.  This is partly because Erdwurm is only laying the ground work for a community based initiative that is not scheduled for implementation at the earliest at the beginning of next year.
  • Posts for Erdwurm tend to be short.  The style is informative and / or suggestive, while the main style for Paddastoel is argumentative and / or informative.  This is again opposed to Klein Kabouter where the main style is educational and / or enquiring.

Business Test-Site

My Management 101 Stats

These statistics related to my business’ test-site.

I do have a few other business sites, as they will eventually branch into separate divisions.  For the moment, I am not really making them public, I am only using them to play around and now and again for some split testing over at the Commons.

This site has attracted 26 visitors and 53 views.  The sites visitors is exactly the same as for Klein Kabouter, however, Klein Kabouter had 36 views.

Interestingly enough, the business test site only had one post.

This must mean that there is at least some useful information in there, as the topic is aimed at new entrepreneurs to help them develop their business acumen.

Klein Kabouter and the business test site have both done quite well with regards to follows and the followers seem to be people who have some specific interest in the particular topic.  For example, I noticed that a few other parenting blogs are following Klein Kabouter now, while an ex-business professor and an experienced editor showed interest in the article.

This must mean that I am at least partially successful in the tailoring of my brands and content.

The particular challenge that I experience in relation to a business site, is that while I DO also aim at an international audience, this is mainly in order to build a reputation.  While I am not aiming to have 30 000 followers for this blog, for instance, follows, likes and comments from respected people in the field, are exceptionally welcome.

My main aim of the site is actually to attract local traffic, while it basically serves at my business’ website.

This presents certain challenges, because WordPress uses a .com as opposed to a local domain.

Since I already own a local domain, I am considering making use of a domain pointing option.

I am also considering purchasing Google AdWords advertising.  I am also working on posting links in local online business directories.

The Considerate Spammer

Lastly, I think that it is also useful in terms of strategy to have a look at the statistics for this site.

This is because it will give me some idea of how much of my traffic is directly dependant on Blogging 201, as I don’t advertise this site anywhere else.

Spammer Stats

Spammer has received 13 visitors and 18 views.

Posting on this site is also helping me with two topics (maybe three as of today) that I intend to adapt for use on the site.  This site specifically deals with the ins and outs of blogging, but the principles are just as applicable to general business.

So let’s review the above against my objectives:

The full article can be found here:

The above article also features my action plan, if you are interested in that sort of thing 🙂

  • Gain visibility in order to
  • Establish an online presence that will
  • Establish me as a leader in my field and
  • Make people more likely to trust in my start-up business.

I have experienced some (at this point limited, but promising) progress towards gaining visibility for my sites.

I personally find that participation in Blogging 201 has had more success than extensive interaction at the Community Pool.  This may be because people entering the Blogging 201 challenge may be more inclined to reciprocate.

I believe that my content (and the branding is getting better too) is setting me up to achieve my objective of establishing me as a leader in my field, which will most likely allow them to trust my start-up business.

And that is all for this post, folks!

I will also be having a look at more detailed tag and country analysis in follow up posts.  I cannot promise when these will be up, so keep a look out, or feel free to follow to have it delivered straight to your Reader.

As always, comments and suggestions are very welcome.  I do my very best to make sure that I get to everyone’s site who comments.


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