Strategic Goal Setting – Continuous Improvement

So…  I am having a bout of writers’ block!

In situations such as these, I find that it is often best to back-track a little bit, make sure you know your co-ordinates, re-group and move on.  And no, I am not / never have been a scout!

So, I will be evaluating my adherence to my goals and reconsider them were necessary.  While I am busy with this, I will also be trying out a few tips I got from the Commons at Blogging 201 in Blogging U.


  • Gain visibility in order to

  • Establish an online presence that will

  • Establish me as a leader in my field and

  • Make people more likely to trust in my start-up business.

Nothing has changed with regards to my objectives.  They are still exactly the same!

1. Content:

  • One post per week until December.  Then re-evaluate.

  • Aim for approximately 1000 to 1500 words per post. 

  • Post on Wednesdays.

I technically still have a few hours to make this one!

  • Two posts per week until December.  Then re-evaluate.

  • Aim for approximately 500 – 1000 words per post.

  • Post on Mondays and Fridays.

I stuck to this this week and got some amazing responses, including a few follows!

  • One to two posts per month until December.   Then re-evaluate.

  • Aim for approximately 500 – 1000 words per posts.

  • Post on Thursdays.

I have until tomorrow to do this one!

Test-site 1 and test-site 2:

  • One post per week until December.  Then re-evaluate. 

  • Aim for approximately 1000 to 1500 words per post.

  • Post on Tuesdays.

I missed this one this week.  Because this site is particularly important to me for branding and visibility, I don’t want to take the risk of posting something I don’t feel comfortable with.  I have my subject ready, I just can’t seem to phrase it right.

2. Design and branding:

  • Edit the look and branding of my sites by the end of November.

  • Add contact forms to my sites this week.

  • Consider the implications of separate blogs and create user-friendly pages for frequently needed information.

  • Consider all information gained from Blogging 201.

Okay, so these goals are not going to be accomplished in a day, or even two.

I have changed the theme on one of my sites and I have re-affirmed to myself that I am happy with the others (or as happy as I can be without a customized theme).

I still need to add the contact forms.  I will get back to that one.  Still have a few days!

One poster over at the Commons for Blogging 201 asked me about the number of sites I run.  In responding to his comment, I reconsidered the implications of separate blogs and came to the conclusion that, since they are leg work for entirely separate brands, they are best kept separate.

I have started adding pages to my sites to assist in providing static information.

I have added a “Read More” in this very post!  I hope it works!

I will also be trying out image widgets for a post I have planned for for later this week!

Something I am quite proud of:  I have been Google-ing myself and I am quite pleased with the results!

This must mean that the unintentional application of white-hat SEO is working.  Touch wood…

3.  Marketing: 

WordPress Community Interaction:

  • Spend an hour every day reading through other blogs and commenting on them.

  • Leave thought-provoking comments that will encourage traffic to my blog(s).

  • Limit the time spent on each blog to 15 minutes (this is difficult for me; I tend to engage in a topic), but do not spend more than 30 minutes per blog.

  • By upping my traffic, try to up my likes and follows, as well as comments in order to establish an online reputation.

I have been very good at reading other people’s blogs.  However, I feel that I should be spending more of my focus on people who commented on my sites, liked or followed.  I haven’t forgotten and I hope to get to it by the weekend!

Traffic to my blogs have improved, so I have succeeded in the second goal to a degree.

I have been good and I have cut down a bit on the time spent per blog / comment / post since I have been active over at the Commons.

I have gotten quite a few follows and some amazing, completely unexpected assistance from professionals in their fields.  Thanks guys!

A special shout-out to @kimberleykratz .  You can find her at

Others that deserve special mention are @michellew , @chordomapaul , @courtneyjaybez (for following every single one of my blogs!)

There are a number of others and I will reserve my thanks for them until the weekend, by when I hope to respond to Courtney’s nomination for the One Lovely Blog award.

Blogging Challenges:

  • Participate in Blogging 201 and attempt Post A Day challenges when practical.

I have stuck to the first part, but Post A Day is just not in the cards for now!

Other social networks:

  • Update my Linked In profile.

  • Create a business Facebook profile.

  • Create a Twitter account.

  • Leverage networks of friends and family on FB and Twitter.

This one is still outstanding, but I understand that there will be days dedicated to this in Blogging 201, so no sweat.

Online business directories:

  • Find one new online business directory each week until the end of December.

  • Spend two hours per week updating existing ads.

This one is quite important, so I need to try to find some time for it this week still.

Other publications:

  • Find one new forum / online magazine / other publication and spend two to three hours per week preparing a piece to be featured in one of them which will link to my site.

This one is important, but not urgent, so I will move it over to December!

And that is it, folks!


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